Una Noche Cubana

Oct 2020

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!
Remembering Che Guevara with some Cuban flavors. Curated by Enrique Matos.

**COVID NOTE: We take the current situation very seriously. This is not a party, it is a normal day like any other but with a different menu. Which means that for participation inside the café you are strongly advised to do a reservation. The tables outside are treated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make sure to book your table quickly!**

– Tostones
Fried unripe plantains (a type of banana that is cooked). The unripe plantain is cutted in 1-inch pieces, fried, then smashed and fried a second time to make it crispy. It is eaten as a starter or a side dish.
– Plato Criollo
A main dish consisting of a mix of different recipes:
Picadillo a la Habanera: The Cuban version of the beef hash. The is also a vegan version using soya hash.
Congris: Rice cooked with black beans adding a peculiar flavor and color.
Yuca hervida: A boiled root with mojito sauce (oil, garlic and lime) on top.
Some season salad.

– Mojito
Cuban rum, sugar syrup, lime, peppermint, sparkling water and ice cubes.
– Cuba Libre
Cuban rum, some cola, lime and ice cubes.
– Frozen Daiquiri
Cuban rum, lime, (grapefruit or marrasquino liquor) and ice, mixed into frappé.

A list of traditional and contemporary Cuban music with a lot of fusion and jazz influences.